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Philosophy of Education

"Music is a universal art and an abstract language that encourages fellowship, explores personal expression, and functions in all societies. My background and education have created knowledge about musical art that is yearning to be shared with individuals who are interested. Music can help people by combining and allowing aspects of mathematics, science, social studies, and other subjects to come together as a whole. It also teaches individuals how to work together, form bonds, be creative, disciplined, solve problems, and create self-esteem.”

Teaching is not just a job, but rather a passion that often goes beyond a normal 9-5 workday. A Teacher must not only teach, but inspire, care, and become positive role models for students as the ultimate goal is to make a difference and change lives.

Teachers must teach with enthusiasm and spirit in order to create a successful learning environment and keep students engaged. In order to create such an environment, one must not only be willing to always practice and improve skills, but realize that each student learns differently and should incorporate differentiated instruction to help every student reach their optimum potential. Teachers who display knowledge and great personalities are likely to build good rapports with the students and make the classroom a truly remarkable and unforgettable learning experience.

Teachers play a pivotal role in not only educating students, but guide them through some of life’s most difficult situations. Many people may not be able to remember a TV show they watched last week, an article they read last month, or a gift they received last year, but they will remember a teacher who had an impact on their lives 20 years ago. It may not have even been associated with content taught in the classroom, but rather a caring and compassionate individual who took 5 minutes to sit and talk with a student to find out “what’s wrong” or someone who went the extra mile to help them succeed.

Teachers not only instill content knowledge into students, but wear many different hats to help them become better people. They take home work, worry about students, and take pride in a job that requires a tremendous amount of passion and devotion. The biggest reward for being a teacher is knowing that I made a difference.

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