Yorkshire Ballad
by James Barnes

James Barnes: composer

Year of publication: 1985

Publisher: Southern Music

Grade: 3

Type of composition: Ballad

Style: Andante with a little motion at end

Programming suggestions: This is unusually nice, and can be exceptionally effective for concert or contest! It’s a very solidly scored, rich, lyrical, lush setting of a typical English folk ballad that contains flowing countermelodies throughout which are of equal importance to the melody. A perfect contrast to a bolder, more vigorous selection, this quite playable work will present your band in a most positive way!

Solo instruments: timpani

Anecdotal notes: Need to watch balance with melody and accompaniment at forte full ensemble sections. Dynamics range from piano to ff with use of crescendos and decrescendos. Piccolo, oboe 2, bassoon 2, and string bass parts are optional. Breath marks and phrasing are indicated throughout most of the piece. Legato articulations and mostly slurred passages.

Discography: Teaching Music Through Performance In Band Vol. 1

Recording of "Yorkshire Ballad"