Nottingham Castle
by Larry Daehn

Grade 2

Larry Daehn was born in Rosendale, Wisconsin, in 1939 and grew up on the farms of that state. He received a B.A. in Musical Education from the University of Wisconsin at Oshkosh in 1964 and his Masters degree in 1976 from the University of Wisconsin at Platteville. He has been a teacher of music for 33 years; the last 27 of them at the New Glaris (WI) High School. A past president of the Wisconsin chapter of Phi Beta Mu, he was honored by that organization as Outstanding Bandmaster. Daehn has composed With Quiet Courage, in memory of his mother, and As Summer Was Just Beginning. An avid admirer of Percy Grainger, he has written several arrangements of that composer’s melodies and an article on the Grainger Museum. He is the owner of Daehn Publications.

Year of Composition—1997

Publisher—Daehan Publications, Wisconsin

Grade: 2

Type of composition: Middle School Band

Style: ABABA

Programming Suggestions: Nottingham Castle was built by William the Conqueror in the 11th century. The town of Nottingham and the county Nottinghamshire grew up around the castle. In the Middle Ages, some 200 square miles of Nottinghamshire were covered by Sherwood Forest, famous for its oak trees. Only the gateway of the original castle remains today. The site is now occupied by the palace of the duke of Newcastle, which has been turned into a museum and art gallery. A statue of Robin Hood stand in front on the castle on Castle Green. To suggest early British folk tunes, this piece for young band uses the natural minor modes. The bright key of F Major is meant to describe Robin Hood and his Merry Men.

Solo instrument demands: None

Anecdotal Notes: alternates minor (slurred) to major (articulated). all instruments play some melody. uses three sests of 1st- and 2nd- endings. limited instrument ranges, mostly uses low register. Flute and Oboe on same part, has divisi for range. Bassoon written in divisi octaves. Clarinet 1 crosses break once. Trombone 1 part is marked “optional”

Discography: BAND MUSIC OF DISTINCTION, VOLUME 2 DP-1293….Teaching Music Through Performance In Beginning Band. University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee Wind Ensemble. Thomas Dvorak, Conductor…3627-MCD Distinguished Music for the Developing Band. featuring the Rutgers Wind Ensemble – Volume 1

Recording of "Nottingham Castle"