Emperata Overture
Claude T. Smith

Claude Thomas Smith was born on March 14, 1932, in Monroe City, Missouri, and spent most of his life in Carrollton, Missouri. After studying at Central Methodist College, he received a bachelor’s degree at the University of Kansas in 1958. Along with public school teaching in the state of Missouri, Smith also taught theory, composition, and directed the University Orchestra at Southwest Missouri State University. Smith was the recipient of many commissions and awards and was popular as a clinician, guest conductor, and adjudicator. He died suddenly of a heart attack on December 13, 1987, after conducting one of his own works at the blue Ridge Presbyterian Church in Raytown, Missouri.

1964—Year of Composition

Publisher—Wingert-Jones Music, Kansas City.


Type of Composition—Concert Overture

Programming Suggestions– Emperata Overture, written in 1964, is one of Smith’s most popular works. Composed in ABA form, Emperata Overture is developed from a motive presented in the opening fanfare by the trumpets and trombones. After a contrasting middle section, the principle theme is heard in a fugue which leads to a brilliant conclusion.

Solo instrument demands: Horn, clarinet, flute, tuba, oboe, percussion

Anecdotal notes: Strong solo demands. Numerous odd meter changes (7/8. 9/8). Band must have strong instrument sections because every section has melody. Must be played with full instrumentation. Several heimola passages.

Discography: Accent II.The Legacy of Claude T. Smith.University of Kansas Symphonic Band.. (UIL Reference CD #UB122)….. KANSAS CITY WIND SYMPHONY, PAM SMITH KELLY, COND. “CLAUDE T. SMITH: A DAUGHTER’S TRIBUTE” SCT-1778…. Walking Frog Records WFR234

Recording of "Emperata Overture"