Chorale Shaker and Dance

John Zdechlik is a natvice of Minneapolis, Minn. He was born in 1937 and studied piano during his early years. While in high school, he became interested in jazz and soon began writing arrangements for local jazz bands. During these years, he began studying trumpet and soon was busy as a professional performer and writer in the Twin Cities area. This background led him to a career in music. In 1970 he received a Ph. D. in Theory and Composition from the University of Minnesota. Since that time he was had numerous works commissioned and published. His music is frequently performed by high school and college group throughout the world. He currently teaches at Lakewood Community College, White Bear Lake, Minn.

Year of Composition: 1972

Publisher: Kjos Music

Grade: 5

Type of composition: Chorale and Shaker Hymn

Style: Divided in four broad sections: I. Beginning to C – chorale statement, reeds and brass. II. C-K—Allegro: Melody I and melody II in alteration III. L-N—Andante: Middle section of shaker tune IV. O-end—Allegro: Reprise of section II and Coda. Melody I and Melody II in alteration and combination,

Solos: Flute, alto saxophone, cornet, clarinet, oboe, trombone,

Programming suggestions: Chorale and Shaker Dance is made up of two main musical ideas. The first is the simple melody found in the opening Chorale. The second melodic idea is the melody from the well-known Shaker Hymn, “The Gift to Be Simple.” These melodies are used in alteration and combination throughout divided into four broad sections throughout the piece.

Anecdotal notes: Numerous meter changes. Requires good flute player with good high register. Has many dynamic effects throughout the piece: crescendos, decrescendos, fp, etc. Some repeated figures many cause players to get lost in counting. Staccato and accents are used on consecutive notes. Many syncopated rhythms.

Recording of "Chorale Shaker and Dance"